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Have I finally found..the one?

March 13, 2011

Hello there!

First things first, welcome to my humble blog! Here in this charming little blog, I will post things that I have come across and have found interesting enough to document. I have approximately 500+ websites bookmarked already! What an unproductive way to store things! It’s like tossing your beloved wardrobe into mismatched storage bins, er, wait, I’m guilty of having done that as well. 😦 Fear not, darlings! I have found my determination (along with my favorite silk scarves (wrinkled! wretched storage bins!), and I have dusted it off.

Here in this, my beloved blogspot, I will oodle and ooze over my favorite (and perhaps some of my not so favorite) things, whether it be design, art, architecture, fashion, furniture, shoes (!!!), music, pop culture, or my current celeb crush.

Alas, I have tried (and failed) to keep a blog in the past, I tend to do that a lot (start things, and never finish them). But, I have a feeling, is the one.

I often times find myself stumbling through the outer limits of the interwebs searching for new and exciting sources of information, creation, inspiration, and, last but not least, those sneaky little temptations.

Enough of this bullspeigle for now, I must get back to the physical world, and rejoin society for a short time. I shall be back! Promise! And, since this is a blog dedicated to all of my little obsessions, I will leave you with this.

\”Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding\”

I’m am obsessed with this lovely British pop diva. Enjoy!

Sweet dreams 🙂



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