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Tis’ the season for nudes and sheers!

April 10, 2011

Spring is upon us! (FINALLY) And summer is just around the corner. I can’t help but daydream of the moment I first step foot onto the sun-warmed sand and soak up its lovely rays!

That being said, I noticed something peculiar the other night. As I was riding the bus home in the evening, I was suddenly away of something quite astounding. All the women around me (and quite a few of the men as well) were donning nudes and sheers! Now before you go assuming the worst, I’m not talking about people sporting their birthday suits (god forbid..).

Before I jump into that, a little history. I have the strangest fascination for beautiful nails. I know. It’s a wee bit odd. It may be due to my own inability to refrain from biting mine (I’m getting better!). But, strange as it may be, I drool with envy every time I see someone with a gorgeous set. (ha ha)

I’ve always been pretty anal when it comes to my own. I’m a die-hard fan of acrylics. Really, it’s borderline obsession. I’m also a hug fan of colour and colours, alike. In high school, I used to paint my nails in various rainbow, stripe and checkerboard patterns. I was quite the notoriety. As I have matured over the years, I have refined my choice of nail polish colours. Most recently, I started using a french manicure neutral polish allover the nail, to give it a nice pearly sheen. And I thought I was being so clever.

But, that fateful night on the bus snapped me from from naivety. Almost every women I saw was sporting the same trend I thought I had started! Woe is me. It’s okay though. I’m happy for them, too. It really is a nice change of pace. Seeing stuff like this all the time can take its toll on one’s psych.

I cant even imagine trying to type with those badboys.

Sure, theyre cute. Until they start leaving sparkles EVERYWHERE.

I see what you did thur.

Okay. Enough of this nonsense! Let’s chill out and get back to basics. Here are some of the things I’m seeing (and emulating.)

I die.



Really guys, this nude polish is awesome. It gives you that “au natural” look (perfect for summer!) and hides any imperfections you might have. And hey! Don’t forget to select a color that works for your skin tone. Me? I’m whiter than the freshly fallen snow (summer, please come sooner). But for those of you blessed with an actually color to your skin, pick a polish that goes with that, usually in a shade that is slightly lighter than your own. And have fun with it! Neutral doesn’t have to be boring! Customize it! Add sparkles, designed, whatever! Just please, don’t go overboard (thereby defeating said purpose of “natural” looking nails). Also recommended, a good ridge filler. These lighter colors won’t hide those annoying little bumps like the darker colors will.

Anywho, it is now 3:18 AM here in Chi-Town, (I know, who blogs on a Saturday night? Well, I’ll tell you. Those who choose to go out Thursday and Friday night. Wooeee) and I need to get some shut eye (aka me staying up another two hours scouring the web for random likes).

Sweet dreams, loves.



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